Toshinori Omura


I showed Shiba-inu at first at 13 years of age. After graduating university, I started to work at the office but had to quit because of illness. My teacher advised me to learn grooming and this became my future profession of dog showing at last. She also introduced me a poodle of my own for the show.
Florence is the very first show poodle for me, and also the first breeding dog of Smash at the same time. This dog became No. 1 show poodle in 1990.  As pre-fix, Smash, made over 800 champions in JKC. Smash is the No. 1 kennel which produced champions in Japan.  Smash kennel holds about 60 toy poodles now. Judged in shows in Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Japan. Also breed Pomeranian, Maltese, Shiba-Inu and Chinese Crested.