Partners of World Dog Show 2025 offer quality products and services for dog owners.

Main partner PrimaDog

Wagging tails and fast paws are fuelled by PrimaDog’s nutritious dog foods that give your dog a Nordic boost. With PrimaDog foods, feeding your four-legged friend is easy and care-free, giving you even more time to enjoy shared moments with your dog. PrimaDog foods always include plenty of meat and are fortified with a superfood mixture of Nordic herbs and berries but are absolutely wheat-free. You can find the following dog food products from our selection:

  • Grain-free and wheat-free dry foods
  • Sausages and meals
  • Treats and chew bones

All PrimaDog products are designed in Tampere and have a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

City of Helsinki

City of Helsinki is committed for the World Dog Show and FCI General Assembly held in Helsinki in August 2025. Helsinki welcomes all visitors to explore the Finnish Capital. As a globally recognized conference city with an average of 250 international conventions with more than 35,000 participants each year, Helsinki is well equipped to host the event successfully.

Dog show service partner Showlink Oy

Showlink Oy is a subsidiary company of and entirely owned by the Finnish Kennel Club. Showlink offers quality dog show services and is the service provider for some 160 dog shows around Finland each year. Showlink also has experience in producing dog show services at international prestige shows abroad, including World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig and World Dog Show 2015 in Milan.

World Dog Show 2025 is expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors from around the world. Welcome to the event!