Reino Korpela


I am a Finnish Spitz enthusiast living in Lapua and also judge for this lovely breed. I have had Finnish Spitzes since mid 1980’s. For the past few years Labrador Retreivers have also been part of my life. This breed, worlds most popular breed is also very interesting. It is incomparable as a house dog and can be easily trained for hunting as well. I have participated with my dogs in dog shows and in bird hunting trials. I have also bred in a small scale with prefix Jyrkkäkallio since 2013.  I am also a chief judge for bird hunting trials. I became show judge in 2007 for the Finnish Spitz. Today I am qualified to judge all breeds in the FCI groups 4, 5, 6 and 7 and several breeds in group 8. I am mostly judging in Finland but I have also judge a couple of times abroad. One of the highlights of my judging career was judging the Finnish Spitz males at the FCI World Dog Show in Helsinki 2014. I am happy and delighted that I have received invitation to judge Finnish Spitz females at the FCI World Dog Show in Helsinki 2025. Judging the national breed of Finland at this show is an honor for me.