Leila Stenlund


I have been interested in dogs and owned dogs over 50 years. My first own dog was an English Cocker Spaniel and next one Welsh Springer Spaniel. I owned Welsh Springers over 25 years and I travelled a lot to UK to visit breeders of this breed. I have had the pleasure to visit such kennels as Tregwillym, Dalati, Hillpark and Athelwood and dogs bred by these kennels are behind most of our current populations. Welsh Springer Spaniel is very dear to me, even though I do not own them anymore. There are many lovely memories connected to this breed, lovely dogs and lovely friends. I have owned also Basenjis for a long time and at the moment I have at home couple of Whippets and a Smooth Collie. I have had litters in Welsh Springers, Basenjis and Whippets. I have been active in different positions in different breed clubs and associations since 1970’s. I became judge in 1999, first breed was Welsh Springer Spaniel. In the autumn 2023 I became an all round judge, I am looking forward to the FCI World Dog Show in Helsinki and hope we will get lots of visitors from abroad.