Hana Pisarcikova


My name is Hana Pisarčíková, I am 45 years old, married, mother of a 9 yrs old son and we live in a small village called Blešno in the Czech Republic. My first Belgian shepherd dog – Tervueren bitch Ariana Rudolfovská skála – came to me in February 1990. Although I was a child, I arranged everything about purchasing of my first dog myself. And also all the care led on me. Two years later I bought first Groenendael – Scarlet-Jessie van Lana’s Hof, the first black female imported to CZ from Western Europe.   Nowadays I have four Belgian shepherds in my home – one 13 yrs old Tervueren bitch, one 6 years old, one 2 years old Groenendael  and a puppy Tervueren. Lot of co-owned dogs live with my friends, who relish the same philosophy of breeding. In breeding I am trying to breed for the good family & working character and health as a first, but also standard look is important. I do not like extremes in any way, so even in my pure working line litter I put attention on good look and sociable character and even in my pure showline litter I put attention on good working drive. Dogs bred by us are living in many different countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
I have bred many successful dogs, both the show (multiple champion titles from many countries including France, selection of beauty CZ, HU, France, Netherland, Germany, FCI World winners and winners of the Belgians World shows) and the working (top level IPO, Herding, Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Working Champions and Working Club Champions, participants of the National and World championships). Since 2005, I am approved to judge Belgian Shepherds, since 2008 I have the status of an international judge. I have judged many shows in Europe, include Club and Specialty shows in Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Danemark, Norway, UK, Belgium, France, Poland, Netherland, Romania and CZ. I judged three times on FMBB World Belgian show and once at Nationale d’Elevage in France. I was also honoured to judge Specialty show in Australia. At the moment I am approved to judge also Shipperkes and Australian shepherds.   As a judge I evaluate the entire dog, so beautiful head will never outweigh a lousy skeleton or character, hence I like to touch a dog to make sure what is hidden under the coat. I also emphasize the excellent movement of a shepherd dog and cheerful and lively nature. I prefer rather “classic” type of dogs with excellent head structure and head planes, strong body and well developed chest.