Zafra Sirik


I was born in Israel on the 6th of November 1950.  My father bred Boxer and German shepherds – so dogs were part of my childhood. Still in high school I started to show Ringo – our brindle boxer in the IKC shows. Later in medical school in Jerusalem , I got my first standard black schnauzer bitch – Bar Zakan Ray , from the late Dr Rita Trainin . I had several litters co- bred with Rita under her kennel name Bar Zakan. Under the guidance and encouragement  of Dr Rita and Prof.Zeev Trainin I became more active in the Breed clubs and the Israel Kennel Club . I was board member of the Boxer and later the Schnauzer clubs  , I edited the Schnauzer club newsletter. After graduating medical school I went through intensive surgical training in general surgery, yet I kept all my canine activities along – including editing the Dog World magazine , board member and chairperson of the IKC Breeding committee, and even running the big annual IKC international shows… My first greyhounds in the late 70’s were Isr Ch Solstrand Liberty Light ( Bertie) from Dagmar Kenis ,UK  and Bar Zakan Tiger Lilly ( Tigi) ,  my own  greyhound breeding under TIGIS prefix were later enforced with UK imports (Pentewan) and Norway ( Jet’s ). In 1996 I became the chairperson and breeding coordinator of the Israeli Sighthound Club (ISC), also editor of the club magazine . I carried this activity for 20 years. My main interest and pride in the ISC activity was the promotion and rehabilitation of the native desert bred Salukis. I was first approved to judge in 1974 – Boxer and Schnauzer.  Went through intensive training in variety of breeds, under the most famous Israeli and European judges   ( including the late famous Hans Lehtinen) , both in Israel and abroad . Rita and Zeev were my mentors in judging as well as best friends. In 1986 I was honored by the IKC and nominated as all-breed judge. I have been judging in many shows around the globe including judging the BIS . Along the years I had an active part in writing the IKC main rules including organization , breeding , judging , show and ethics. Also instructed and lectured in canine courses , mentored young judging trainees. I live in Tel Aviv with my partner Adi , Bella the greyhound and Nessie the whippet . Still work in my surgical clinic , enjoy morning long walks with the dogs . Cycling was a my favorite sport but nowdays  it is swimming … Judging in the world dog show in Helsinki  2025 , means a lot for me , emotionally and professionally