Yvonne Jaussi


I grew up on the countryside, with a lot of contact with farmdogs, that were my daily companons though we never had our own dogs. Consequently my main interest ever have been animals,and the only possible profession for me was to become a veterinarian.As soon as I could afford it and had enough time,we bought our first dog in 1984  it was a flatcoated retriever. 20.10.1988 we bred our first litter with the affix Neala’s, until now 52 flatcoated retriever and two parson russell terrier litters have been born in our kennel.We enjoyed showing our dogs in Switzerland and abroad and also had some successes in the showring. 2014 we purchased our first parson russell terrier, a bitch Robin’s Oruz, she came from a german hunting kennel. Unfortunately we lost her at a very young age, after an accident while hunting. But we have been infected by the parson russell terrier “virus” and couldn’t imagine to be without.So we imported our foundation bitch from Poland Firefly Mysia Zaglada. Of course we also showed her and she became a champion very quickly. She is the mother of two litters, her offspring was quite successful in work and show. I really love these strong small terriers with their great attitude and character. I started my career as a judge 2001 as judge for all retriever breeds. April 2008  I was approved by the Swiss kennelclub for the whole group 8 and April 2015 for the whole group 9. Since december 2019 I’m allowed to judge group 7 as well.I have been judging in many European countries and it was a great honour for me to be approved by the kennelclub to award CCs for flatcoats in Great Britain,and I am therefore  on the A1 judges list of the flatcoated retriever society. In march 2022 I passed the exam for jack russell and parson russell terriers and in november 2022 I had the exam for FCI group 3, which I passed successfully. It is a great honour for me to be invited to judge parson russell terriers at the breed speciality at the world dog show in Helsinki, I’m looking so much forward to this prestigious event.