Vija Klucniece


Vija Klucniece is philologist of Latvian language and literature, married and mother of two sons. She has owned dogs since 1977, first breed being a Rough Collie. She started her breeding in 1980 and has bred Kleinspitz, Chow Chows and nowadays Papillons, Papillons of her breeding are multi National, International Champions and Winners. She has been judging since 1998 and besides Latvia she has judged in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and Australia, in many European and World Winner shows. She acted as the President of the Latvian Toy Breeds Club and is since 1996 the President of the Latvian Cynological Federation.