Tamás Jakkel


I was born in a perfect family with one single exception: we had no dogs. In my age of 5 I started to ask my parents to have an English cocker spaniel and my connection with the breed started in my age of 12. Ever since I’ve bred or owned 34 World-and European Winners under my prefix „Black Mirage”. Some years later I joined to the already World renowned Smooth-haired Dachshund kennel „vom Golf” and „Mini Golf” of which I am the owner nowdays. We
bred over 50 World/European Winners and over 150 FCI International Champions under this prefix. I also used to have a European Winner Medium Poodle and in the last decade my
family became strongly attached to the Magyar Agár having bred several World and European Winners in this magnificent breed under the prefix „ ILLA-Berek”. Being dedicated besides my private life – of being a Chief Surgeon, Clinical Oncologist, later on a teaching Professor at the Medical University. I was the President of the Hungarian Spaniel Association for 24 years, still being its Board member. I was a member of the Hungarian Kennel Club’s Board for many years before. I became an FCI judge in 1985, an all-rounder in 2001. . I have judged in over 80 countries of 5 Continents including the largest Shows. As long as my activity quickly became an International one I also had been involved in the FCI. I was a Board member of the FCI European Section for many years since its establishment and later on I was its Vice-President. I also had been the Vice-President of the FCI Judges’ Commission. I resigned from both of these functions when I was elected as the member of the FCI General Committee in 2009. As the recognition of my work I have been awarded the FCI Golden Pin. The FCI General Assembly elected me as the President of the FCI in 2019. and I was re-elected this year during the FCI General Assembly in Géneva at the 3rd time.