Svein Bjørnes


Born in 1968 in Norway. Living in Denmark since 1996, with my husband. In 2003 my interest in dogs and dog shows led to a profound interest in the breed Coton de Tulear. Having owned three who allmost all became Multi Champions, Europe and World Winners, and we have had 5 litters in this beautiful breed.   We have had in our home, a Lhasa Apso,  a Dwarf Poodle,  a Tibetian Terrier and now, we have left 2 Medium Poodle.  In 2008 I began my judge education. In 2011 I was authorized for 5 breeds in the Bichon family. I am authorized for 6 FCI Groups 2-3-4-5-6-9. I have been judging in All Breed Shows, National and International and Winner shows: Polen, Estland, Letland, Belgien, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Scotland, Ireland, tjekkiet, Italy and Russia. I am very passionate about judging and I think one of the finest task you can have as a judge is to show every exhibitor your interest in his/her dog, in giving time and respect to everyone no matter the quality the dog may have. At the end of the day it is about having had a good experience and the feeling that you as an exhibitor has been seen and understood, and as a judge to have appeared as professional as possible. It is a great joy to judge but in it lies also a big responsibility. I therefore always do my very best in being prepared as much as I can for every breed being presented to me at a show. My biggest wish is to be the best and most prepared version of myself as possible.