Sanna Vakkilainen


I am Sanna Vakkilainen from the city of Lohja. Our family got the first dog in 1970’s. My first Bullmastiff came in 1999 and I have bred this breed since 2003 under prefix Remarkabull. The Finnish Kennel Club has awarded me its highest merit for breeding as well as the Finnish Breeders Association likewise. I have also co-bred two French Bulldog litters and two American Akita litters. At the moment I have two Bullmastiffs at home and some in other families. I have been active in different positions in the Finnish Bullmastiff Club, the Finnish Dog Show Judges Association and the Finnish Breeders Association. I became judge in 2010 and Molosser breeds are close to my heart. I have judged besides Finland in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, France, Estonia, United Kingdom and San Marino. Besides dog I am interested in gardening and as I live in a detached house, there is always some work to be done here and there.