Robert Kotlar


I was growing up with dogs from my childhood. I herited the dog lover genes from my Mum, who started our Old-English sheepdog breeding. Today I am breeding Bobtails and Tibetan terriers under the prefixes ONLY FOR FUN and PEARL OF ATISHA. Already bred lot of multi champion bobtails and I am a proud owner of a World Winner, European Winner, Junior European Winner, Veteran European Winner and Multiple BIS winner Tibetan terriers too. As a young boy I was handling several breeds on the shows like most of the British sheepdogs, Aussies, Borzois and Hungarian Greyhounds. I became a judge in 2011. Actually, I have licence for the following FCI groups:  1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10. (all complete). I was judging in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, Finland, Norway, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary. I had the honour to judging on the European Section Show in 2021 at Hungary. From 2017 I am the president and the breeding manager of the Old-English Sheepdog Club at Hungary.
Member of the board at the Hungarian Collie – Sheltie – Corgi Club.
I am also the FCI delegate of the Hungarian Kennel Club in the FCI Education and PR committee.
From 2022 I have the honour to be a member to the Board of the Hungarian Kennel Club’s Judges Association. At the moment I have 1 Bobtail, 4 Tibetan terriers and 1 Afghan hound at home.