Rafael Escar Tabuena


I born in Huesca in 1962, into a family of farmers and ranchers. At the age of 17, in 1979, I made my first litter of Pyrenean Mastiff and since then I have been a breeder of several breeds of dogs, such as Pyrenean Mastiff Dog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and some Retrievers. In 1985 I finished my veterinary degree and opened my own veterinary clinic in Huesca, my city, dedicated to small animals such as dogs and cats, a professional activity that I continue to carry out today. In 1994 I was appointed RSCE Judge about 70 breeds,  including all the Spanish ones currently being a judge specialized in Pyrenean Mastiff and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. I have been, but not at this time, a member of the Board of Directors of the Aragón Canine Society and the Pyrenean Mastiff Club, and member of several breed clubs, as well as president of the Pyrenees Mountain Dog Club. I have judged national and international, monographic and national breeding exhibitions in Spain and also in other countries such as Portugal, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia and United States, as well as the 2022 Madrid World Dog Show.