Phil Freer

United Kingdom

I have been involved in the world of dogs, exhibiting, judging and breeding since 1980.
I am very much a hound man. My principal breed is Basset Hounds, having been the top breeder in the breed for the last 28 years in the UK. I have also shown PBGV, GBGV, Afghan Hounds, Dachshunds, Whippets and Beagles in the hound group. I have also shown CKCS, Bracco Italiano and been very much involved with Poodles over the last 24 years, being with my partner Marita Rodgers, nee Gibbs (Montravia). I am looking forward to awarding CC’s in Standard Poodles in 2024.
My first judging appointment was in Basset Hounds in 1988.
I award Challenge Certificates in 13 Hound breeds in the UK.  I have previously Judged Basset Hounds, PBGV’s and BFDB’s at Crufts.  I Judge the Hound Group at Championship level and am looking forward to judging the Hound Group at Crufts in 2026.
I have had the honor of being Chairman of the Basset Griffon Vendeen Club UK and I am currently Chairman of The Midland Basset Hound Club.
 I am very much looking forward to judging at the World dog show in Finland 2025 and thank the committee for the invitation and the honor to judge at this most prestigious show.