Pekka Teini


Dogs have been always part of my life, it is more or less a way of life and love for dogs. I started hunting as a very young boy and this hobby included also barking spitzes, hounds and retrieving dogs. My first own dogs were Beagles and after them I found the Finnish Spitz, breed that I admire a lot. I became judge in 2001 and at the moment I am qualified to judge all breeds in the FCI groups 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 and I will finish group 3 during the spring 2024. I judge about 20-25 show during one year. Besides Finland I have judge also abroad but due to a hectic work schedule I cannot do that very often. I have acted during the years in different positions of trust both in the Finnish Kennel Club and in the Finnish Spitz Club. At the moment I am a member of theJudges Commission of the Finnish Spitz Club and I am educator of Drever,  Beagle and German Pointers. I have been member in many show committees and organized bird dog trials and acted as a judge in trials. I have prefix Reppukorven and under it I have bred Finnish Spitzes and Norrbottenspitzes in a small scale and at the moment I have at home also one Wire-haired German Pointer.