Martin Baskaran


I started in 1978 importing a Borzoi female from France, a little later I decided to incorporate to my kennel
Afghan Hound and Salukis. In 1980 I incorporated Lhasa apso and Pekingeses and in July the F.C.I. granted me the affix BASTERBERRI. Since that date my dogs have won more than 250 championship titles under the F.C.I. and A.K.C. system. I have also owned, bred and presented Italian Greyhound, Greyhound, Spanish Greyhound, Bedlington Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, American Cocker, Basenjis, Boxer, Great Dane, Shih Tzu, my last breed is the Boston Terrier, with only 4 litters, I got 24 championship titles.  I’m Vice-president of the SOCIEDAD CANINA DE BIZKAIA, organizer of the classic BILBAO INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW.  
I am an F.C.I. all breeds Judge and have judged all over Europe, America, Australia, Asia and South Africa and had the honor of judging at the FCI World Dog Show 2020 held in Madrid in 2022.