Marita Rodgers

United Kingdom

I grew up in the world of dogs, being a successful handler from a very young age with my own and my parent’s dogs. I won my first CC at the age of 11 and have now won over a 1,000 CC’s with various breeds. I am mainly known for showing Poodles, Afghans, Bichons and more recently the Basset hounds. Having made up over 100 Champions across the various breeds winning many Groups and Best in Shows. The highlight of my showing career was winning Best in Show at Crufts, not once but twice with Poodle Ch. Montravia Tommy Gun and Afghan Hound Ch. Montravia Kaskarak Hitari. Since 1999, when I got together with partner Phil Freer of the Switherland Basset Hounds I have been heavily involved with the Basset’s and PBGV’s making up many champions, and winning top honors with both, including group wins and Best in Shows, also winning group 2 at Crufts with a PBGV. I had my first judging appointment at the age of 13 at a Toy Poodle Club open show. I awarded my first set of Challenge Certificates (CC’s) at the age of 21 in Miniature Poodles and Afghan Hounds. I now awards CC’s across breeds in the Utility, Toy and Hound Group. I am one of a handful of judges to award CC’s in all the Basset breeds in the UK. I judge the Hound Group at championship shows in UK. I have had the honour to have judged at Crufts on 5 occasions, and have also judged in many countries around the world. I would like to thank the committee for the kind invitation and I am very much looking forward to judging at the prestigious World dog show in Finland 2025.