Mari Lackman


It is a big honor for me to judge our national breed, Finnish Spitz, together with the respected Angela Cavill.
I became judge in 2011 and at the moment I am qualified to judge all breeds in FCI groups 5 and 6 and some breeds in FCI groups 1 and 7. When I was child, we had Finnish Spitzes at home and I used to read with eager the club magazine and especially show and trials results and information about litters. Probably this was the reason why I am interested in all native breeds. By accident my first own dog was East Siberian Laika and since then we have had them at home as well as Lapponian Herders and the later also Finnish Spitzes. At the moment we have 9 dogs. When I was younger, I did quite a lot of hunting, but now I am only doing walks with dogs in the forest. I have judged specialty shows in different countries, highlights are judging East Siberian Laika Specialty in Russia and Finnish Spitz Club 50th Anniversary Show in UK. Lapponian breeds I have judged at the FCI World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki and at some specialties in Norway, Sweden and France. Thank you very much for this precious invitation and I wish everybody a splendid weekend at the Circuit Shows and at the FCI World Dog Show.