Laurent Pichard


Laurent Pichard bred his first litter under the Very Vigie prefix when he was 15 years old. This was an Irish Setter litter. He then became devoted to American Cocker Spaniels and never lost his interest in this magnificent breed, finishing over 300 show champions in over 40 years of breeding. The Very Vigie kennel had a strong influence in the European scene. Pichards home bred American Cockers won many world winner titles over the years and Very Vigie has been elected as Top Breeder of all breeds in Finland in 2014. His breeding activities have also been in English Cockers, Pugs, Maltese, Weimaraners and Whippets during all these years. Pichard started his judging career in 1978 and was nominated as an FCI all breeds judge in 2010. He has been judging all over European countries and his overseas duties brought him to Australia, USA, Russia, China, South America, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.