Kirsi Honkanen


My name am Kirsi Honkanen and I live in the capitol region. I have always been interested in dogs and we have had different breeds mainly of FCI group 5. We have had also breeds from other groups but somehow Spitz-breeds seems to be our own breeds: German Spitzes (Klein, Mittel and Gross) and Finnish Lapponian Dog. Besides dogs my other interests are horses, hunting and berry- and mushroom picking so in principle dogs are with us everywhere. During recent years I have focused more on dog shows, but I still train other sports with my own dogs even though I do not have to compete with them. I became judge in 2010 and I am qualified to judge all breeds in the FCI group 5, almost all in the FCI groups 6 and 7 and approximately half of the breeds in the FCI groups 1, 2 and 10.