Kati Kilpeläinen-Turunen


When I was child, I got my first dog and it was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and since then I have been active in this hobby. When I got my second Cavalier, I started to participate in dog shows and this dog became a show champion. As a teenager I took part in Junior handler -competitions. My prefix is Washaway, approved by the FCI in 1993 and same year was born my first Cavalier-litter. Nowadays I breed Norrbottenspitz. I have also owned the following breeds: Lhasa Apso, Little Lion Dog, King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan Spaniel, Sealyham Terrier and Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. We have had now Norrbottenspitz about 20 years as my husband is keen on hunting. The most memorable moment has been in year 2019 when a Norrbottenspitz bred by me won Best In Show at the Finnish Winner Show. I became judge in 2010, first breed was Cavalier. I am now judging breeds of FCI groups 5 and 9 and will next study group 8. I have been active in different clubs and associations, for example many years the Chairman of the Judges Commission of the Finnish Spitz Club and 25 years secretary of the Kajaani International Dog Show. Thank you very much for the invitiation to judge my own breed at the Circuit Show in connection with the FCI World Dog Show.