John Wauben


Since the 1st of July 1979 I have dogs. Starting with an Old English Sheepdog that gave me the passion to be involved with dogs the rest of my life. Since 1985 I have the honour to judge at FCI level. Starting (of course) with the Old English Sheepdog and now judging all breeds in FCI groups 1,2,4,6 and 10. Starting my development for all round judge since 2021, hope to finish it in 2024. During the years we have had bobtails, German Wirehaired Pointers and since a lot of years Newfoundlands and Petits Bassets Griffon Vendeens living in our house. I have a passion for working with dogs in the way they originally have been bred for. So working in the water with our Newfoundlands and trying to hunt with the Petits in the field and woods. I’m the president of the Maastricht International Dog show, educate people through the world and helping them to become as passionate as I am with dogs. Also involved in educating judges on national and international level. I have been a member of the Dutch Kennel club Raad van Beheer and in this board responsible for health and welfare for dogs and also for all judges for 16 years. Also since these years I was a member of the FCI Show Judges Commission and the FCI Breeding Commission.  Judged all over Europe and in some countries outside like South Africa, China, Japan, Taiwan, Uruguay, Columbia, Australia, where I  love to hang around and talk with people about our passion, our dogs. To me dogs must be fit for the function they have been bred for. That’s why I love to work with my Newfoundlands during the season. Dogs without exaggerations that can breathe and move without problems. Lucky that we have a lot of dogs that fit to this picture. That’s why I love to judge!