Jarmo Vuorinen


I have been interested in dogs since the beginning on 1970’s and that time I went to dog shows with my school mate. My first own dog was an Afghan Hound male, that was born in 1972. However, I quite soon found out, that taking care of the coat was not my cup of tea, so it was time to find a new breed. The first Pharaoh Hounds arrived to Finland in 1973 and as I saw these dogs at a dog show, I fell in love immediately.
My first Pharaoh Hound came from Sweden in 1977 and it was the foundation to all Scheik’s Pharaoh Hounds. I have bred 13 litters and I have been awarded with the Finnish Kennel Club’s Vuolasvirta prize for merited breeders. At dog show I became interested in Whippets and my first Whippet came from the Nevedith kennel in UK in 1989. I have imported Whippets from Sweden, UK and Canada and have bred 13 litters as well. At the moment I have two 12-years old Whippets at home. I have been actively involved in the Finnish Pharaoh Hound & Ibizan Hound Club, in the Finnish Whippet Club and in the Finnish Sighthound Association. Nowadays I am also an eductator for many Sighthounf breeds. I became judge in 1994 and I am qualified to judge all breeds in the FCI group 10 and about half of the breeds of FCI groups 5 and 6. Besides Finland I have judged in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Latvia, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Russia, Australia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Estonia, San Marino, Austria and Poland.