Jan Roger Sauge


I got my first Labrador as a young boy in 1980. He was nicely bred, but no star. With him I started going to dog shows and got hooked immediately. The ball started rolling when I later acquired some quality bitches,
I had my first litters and experienced huge setbacks but also great success, it was an important lesson for me and taught me a great deal as a novice breeder. I was authorized to judge in 2003 and I have been privileged to judge all over the world since then. Some highlights include judging Labradors at Potomac in 2016 – three days packed with Labradors from all over America. My judging appointments in UK are also something I treasure dearly and always enjoy. It has also given me the opportunity to meet new lifelong friends all over the world which I am forever grateful. Judging my own breed at the World Dog Show in Helsinki will be another big highlight of my career and I really look forward to judging puppies, juniors and veterans in Finland.