Hans Erik Pedersen


My way into the dog world is quite traditional i think, buying Bearded Collie a puppy and then persuaded to go to a show with some success and then the road was clear. Along the way there came more dogs and after a few years did i breed first litter under the Prefix of “Shepherdess”. I started judging in 1990 and was approved by Danish Kennel Club to award CC in 1994 and over time i got authorized for more breeds and today i can judge all dogs in group 1 & 2 and almost all in Group 5 and 6 and few in group 9. I have been judging my own breed Beardies in the UK 2 times and at many Winner shows including the World Dog Show in Denmark. Beside the bearded Collies i have had several other breeds, Løwchen, Lhasa Apso, Welsh Corgi Pembroke and French Bulldog, but today i only have 2 Beardies left.