Francesco di Paola Nuzzo


He was born and lives in Brindisi (Italy) Since he can remember, dogs have always been active part of his life because of his grandfather’s passion for Springer Spaniels and his uncle’s passion for Pointers. However, as a child, it’s not with dogs that his breeding career and passion comes to life but with canaries with their multiples forms and colors. Growing mature, already with a trained eye and more conscious, he approached the group of toy breeds. During his studies to become set designer, he also indulges in dogs portrait and structure studies. Breeder member of E.N.C.I (Italian Kennel Club), set designer for profession, breeder for passion, he has been breeding Chihuahuas since 1998 and Belgian Griffons since 2003 under the kennel name “Music Velvet”. He also has breeding experience with Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. He has achieved great and multiple successes with his dogs in the show rings of Italy, Europe and overseas. Councelor, appointed by ENCI, of the Italian Bassethound Club (S.I.Bas),he is also is a founding and active member of the Kennel Club Colosseo (Roman dog association) where he currently holds the position of Vice President. He’s been a committee member of Division 4 – Chihuahua of the C.C.C. and former member of the Breeding Technical Committee for the breeds protected by the C.C.C., he’s also been national member of the committee of the C.C.C. (Club Cani Compagnia, the club approved by E.N.C.I for the Companion and Toy dogs) from 2008 to 2019. During his career he has written and still writes many technical articles on the Chihuahua breed and on the three Griffon varieties both for the breed club and for specialized breed magazines. FCI and ENCI Judge since 2011. Coach Judge for several breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Belgian Griffon, Griffon Bruxellois, Petit Brabancon. He has judged in international national shows and club shows in Italy, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Republic Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania and Montenegro.