Editha Newton

United Kingdom

I grew up surrounded by various pedigree dogs and handled a Borzoi from the age of 4 in junior handling classes. In England in the 70’s children were not encouraged to show in ’Adult classes’.
In 1969 I was gifted Ch Akeferry Jimmy for my very own, but it soon became obvious that he didn’t win early on because it was me handling! From then on Nev handled all the Whippets that I owned until the late 90’s when after knee replacements he kindly handed over the reins.
I have made up 44 English champions , Nutshell (the breed record holder) being the most famous.
 I owned and handled  the first Basset Fauve de Bretagne to win a group at Championship show level and have bred 8 Hungarian Vizsla Show Champions. I started judging in 1978, my 1st set of CC’s was in 1988 at Scottish Kennel Club, I judged Whippet bitches at Crufts in 2008 and now I award CC’s to 9 Hound breeds and have judged the group at Championship level 5 times. I also award CC’s to  4 Gundog breeds.
I have judged many breeds across the world, USA being the exception, and  enjoy seeing the quality of dogs resident in those countries, many of the Whippets I have seen have a Nevedith somewhere in their ancestry. I have served as a committee member on South Yorkshire Whippet Club for 40 years in various positions, I am the Breed Education Coordinator for Whippets in the UK and I have just taken on the role as secretary for the National Gundog Association, a Gundog Group Championship show.