Daiva Rimaityte


I have been interested in kinology since my childhood, and until i hadn’t my own dog, I were walking my neighbor’s dogs. Since 1996, finally I got my own dog – a female Shetland sheepdog. She became the Lithuanian champion and with this dog I came to dog shows. The same year I began to work in dog shows as a judge assistant. Later I met my beloved breed Czechoslovakian wolfdog (CSV). Finally, in 2002, after a long wait, the first CSV entered my home. Since then 20 years have passed and at my home I have a fifth generation of this amazing breed with the name of my kennel “Girios Dvasia” (Forest ghost). More than 10 years with CSV are living other awesome playful and smart breeds- Bohemian shepherd. Now I’m a judge of the FCI international category. I first judged in 2006. Today I’m judging FCI groups I, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX and young handlers competition. Not only the anatomy of the dog is important in judging for my, very important “dog and his owner contact”. The show is a show, and the dog must always have fun in the ring,
no matter if he wins or not. I’m absolutely proud to have seen and judged dogs of various breeds in many European countries such as France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Estonia and Latvia, also in the Scandinavian countries.