Christian Jouanchicot


I was born in the sixties in Lyon, an area of France which is famous for its foods and wine. I currently reside in Villeparisis (close to Paris), France. Previously I was a breeder of Dobermanns and was very involved in the breed club. Today I am involved with Basenjis and Rhodesian Ridgebacks for many years. I breed under the “Out of Africa” affix. I have been involved with the French Dobermann and Basenji Clubs, and was a past President of the French Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. I first became an FCI judge in 2000 for the Dobermann breed. Step by step, I attained my licenses for other breeds and at the end of 2017 became an all-rounder. I have judged in many countries across Europe, together with South Africa, North America, Russia, and Indonesia. I have judged at many prominent shows in Europe, including four World Dog Shows (France, Italy, Nederland and Switzerland), Eurasia, four European Dog Shows (Hungary, Switzerland , France and Danemark), The prestigious Royal Melbourne show in Australia. I have been selected by clubs to be a trainer of judges for over 50 breeds.