Astrid Lundava


My start in dogs was on year 1987, when started with german shepherds (both showing and obedience). 1993 brought first welsh corgi pembroke to Estonia (from Finland) and there the active corgi life started for me. Today we have at home both welsh corgis, oldest now 13,5 years old cardigan. Also Romanian carpathian dog was added, one dog with more legs at home also. I love showing dogs, I try to attend as I can. I have owned / bred some different breeds. German shepherds and lakeland terrier I owned early 90s, then added also welsh corgi to team. My prefix is Astersland. As last calculated was 103 champions either bred or owned. Today breeding only my heart breeds occasionally – welsh corgies. Althought dog world takes a lot of my time, I am the president of Estonian Kennel Union today and although judging quite often, I try to have “off dog world life” also. In my private life I am an accountant, owning my own private business. I do like gardening and have some chickens also. And not to mention some dogs at home 🙂
My life as dog show judge started on year 1989, today I am FCI all breeds judge. Have judged in various countries over the world – Brazil, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech republic, Azerbaijan, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Belarus, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, San Marino, Luxembourg.