Annukka Paloheimo


My interest in dogs started when I was teenager in the 70’s. I bred in a small scale and showed my dogs actively for over 40 years, right from the start also abroad. My own breeds are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the King Charles Spaniel. Merits include more than 60 champions and the Finnish Kennel Club’s Vuolasvirta prize for merited breeding. I became judge in 1986, first for my own breeds. I became an FCI all-breed judge in 2010, thanks to competent mentors and the Finnish Kennel Club’s training programme. My already grown-up sons and my job as a researcher of financial management have made it possible for me to pursue my interest in dogs in this extent – I am thankful for these years. I’ve gained judging experience from more than 50 countries on all continents. Membership in the Royal Kennel Club since 2002 and years I lived in England have put a certain stamp to my dog hobby and judging. The appointments I’ve had in England have been pleasant and I recently experienced one of my highlights, when I got to choose the most beautiful toy dog in Crufts in 2023. I’ve judged at FCI World Winner shows four times – wonderful experiences. Highlights of my hobby also include judging Best in Show at the Finnish Kennel Club’s Finnish Winner show in 2016. I am thankful for these memories. My goal when judging is a healthy, non-exaggerated dog that is typical for the breed and has a good temperament. My heart leaps of joy every time I meet such a dog – surely it will happen again several times at the FCI World Dog Show 2025 where the greatest examples of breeds from all over the world will gather. See you there!