Andras Vinnai


Bringing the childhood dreams to life I bought my first Caucasian shepherd dog in Kiev in 1990. At the same time I met breeders and visited kennels in Kiev. Following this, I started to spend time to see Caucasians and Central Asians at the place of their origin. I had a chance to go all around in Ukraine and Armenia, then I met Central Asian breeders and judges in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. In 1997. I passed my first examination and received authorization to judge Caucasian, Central Asian, Russian Black Terrier, Moscow Guard dog and South Russian Shepherd dogs. Until 1998. I was responsible for issuing the Journal of the “KARAKAN Klub”, the Hungarian club of “Russian Breeds”. 2000-2002 I was member of presidium of the Hungarian Kennel Club. This time I started to study the Hungarian breeds. In 2003 I passed the examination for Komondor and Kuvasz. Following I extended my judge’s capability for all Hungarian pastoral and sheepdogs, and for Hungarian and German pointers, other breeds in Group 1 and 2. In 2019. I was elected to lead the Hungária Komondor Klub.  In June 2023 after stabilizing the “Hungarian Komondor Klub” activity, I passed the title of “President” to the next generation. At the same time, I support the club activity and member of the Komondor’s breeder committee. In 2023. I have been nominated as a President of the World Association of the Hungarian Pastoral Breeds. In the “private” life I am an aircraft engineer, working for the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority.Today we have 4 dogs in our family – Mudi, American akita, Lajka and a lovely female of German Shorthaired Pointer.