Anca Giura


I am an artist and visual art teacher in a high school of art. The most of my paintings and drawings are representing dogs and horses. I used to breed dachshunds, but now ,unfortunately, I have no more enough time and space, but I will always have at list one. I start judging in 1983. For many years I judged only the groups 4,6,7,8 and 10. Then, little by little, the others groups too. 30 years after, I thought that maybe the time has come to take the big responsibility of an all rounder judge. So, since 2011 I am all rounder. I have judged in a lot of countries: Finland, France, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Holland, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Japan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Philippines, Germany, Austria, Australia, South Africa, etc. I love all dogs and I wish they all could have great owners and receive the proper respect we own them. Concerning the judging, for me it is a kind of art, because you have to work with the proportions, the beauty, the brain and the heart, without forgetting the balance between them, being able to search and see the beauty as close to the perfection.